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Mothership Has Landed

Known for their captivating live performances, San Antonio-based Mothership goes to great lengths to recreate the authentic feel of a Zeppelin concert during the band’s heyday in the mid ’70s; including an elaborate laser, light and fog show, complete with theremin, bow solos, and more.

Like Zeppelin, the band also arranges intricate medleys of popular rock anthems into the show, keeping each show fresh, energetic and full of surprises.

The bottom line: Mothership is a unique experience not to be missed!

Meet the Band

Sean Finch

Lead Vocals

Albert Steves

Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Theremin

Mary Bolner


Ryan Chadek

Guitar, Mandolin

Danny Elliott

Keys, Vocals

Dave Parent

Bass, Vocals

Brent Ferguson

Guitar, Keys
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